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Full Spectrum Analytics

Market Data & Analysis

Defense market forecasts for the United States and 66 other countries, covering over 98% of accessible defense spending around the worlds


Data can be customized to meet needs, including custom data tagging, opportunity tracking, and ability to overlay internal data

Powerful Visualizations

Our analysis tools use an advanced visualization engine that provides real-time data explorations, speeding up the time to decisions

Strategic Insights

Avascent Analytics tools were designed by people who understand business and strategy, with over 3 decades of heritage as trusted advisers of the top leaders in A&D

Avascent Analytics

Avascent has over three decades of experience analyzing trends in the global defense sector. Our understanding of both macro-economic, budget and security trends and the detailed programmatic and technological developments that define the available marketspace is unmatched. The Global Platforms & Systems (GPS) tool puts this capability at the fingertips of strategic planning teams, business development leaders and corporate planners. Through its web-based interface, fully traceable analysis, and customizable segmentation models, the Avascent Analytic’s toolkits allow clients to gain insight into these complex markets with full confidence that the data is grounded in the most sophisticated analysis in the industry.

Market Sizing & Forecasting

Data-driven, traceable forecasts and opportunity analyses

Competitive Intelligence

Detailed competitive positioning analysis across the value chain

Customer Trends & Requirements

Deep understanding of customer behavior that captures existing and emerging requirements

Big data drives big opportunities

The quantitative and qualitative tools that Avascent Analytics develops help industry leaders size markets, forecast customer demand, identify emerging requirements and opportunities, and conduct rigorous competitor analyses. Our tools use intuitive, mobile optimized, visualizations that leverage the full power of the underlying data to enable better decision-making.

Our Products

Avascent Analytics offers data-driven market intelligence products and services across a broad range of sectors

  • Global Platforms & Systems

    • A global program by program defense spending forecast

    • Granular segmentation
    • 66 Countries, 98% of addressable spend
    • Customizable to individual clients
    • Dynamic visualizations
    • Export to Excel

  • Federal Contracts Intelligence

    • The fastest way to gain insight into Federal spending

    • Easy navigation with Avascent segmentation
    • Opportunity identification
    • Built-in predictive analytics
    • Dynamic visualizations
    • Export to Excel

  • Global Space Systems

    • A forecast of space activity across military, civil, and commercial markets

    • Forecast by dollars, mass, and launch
    • Satellites, hardware, subsystems, and launch vehicles
    • Commercial, civil, and military coverage
    • Dynamic visualizations
    • Export to Excel

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